Our labels tell you exactly what's in our products: pure food-grade, cold-pressed oils and butters, essential oils that are steam distilled and obtained without the use of chemicals, and distilled water in our soaps.   Not only are our products healthier to use on your skin, they're also healthier for our  environment.  Our ingredients can be composted, and our packaging can be reused and recycled.  So please, do your part and recycle wherever possible.
Here at OSR Gardens &  Honey Bee Sanctuary, we love what we do:  raising Honey Bees and creating foraging opportunities for wild and domesticated pollinators.  In addition, we are continually creating and maintaining wildlife habitats .

Our passion for making healthy products that utilize the bounty of nature is our dream come true!  We hope our joy of nature, beekeeping and handcrafting healthy skincare products inspires you to discover your true passion!
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