Fascination with Honey Bees since early childhood  coupled with my Mother's natural herbal remedies
and a huge dose of her creative genes, resulted in experimentation making skincare products incorporating the goodness
of beeswax, honey and
royal jelly.  It has become
a passion ever since.

We are pleased to offer you our best soaps and lotions
to help you maintain your healthy skin.

It is our hope that our products will be a bath-time treat to pamper you, body and soul.
Here at BCakes Honey Bee Sanctuary, we love what we do:  raising Honey Bees and creating foraging opportunities for wild and domesticated pollinators.  In addition, we are continually creating and maintaining wildlife habitats for indigenous species of wildlife.

Our passion for making healthy products that utilize the bounty of nature is our dream come true!  We are hoping to soon be able to invite you here to share our joy of nature and beekeeping first-hand, in hopes that you and your family will be so inspired to discover your true passion!
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