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On December 25, 2016 at 5:01 PM Mary D wrote:I hope I've found the right folks... I went to Elwood Thompson's yesterday with my brother and there was the most woman who offered me a hand massage with your lotion. My hands have never, ever felt better and they smelled like heaven. I got some lotion for my Mommy for Christmas. The scent that she had left was Mediterranean Garden, but the scent that she used was sold out. The scent that was sold out was similar, but I don't remember the name and I ABSOLUTELY need some.Again, I hope that I have found the right people. If I have, please tell me what the scent it's that she used and where I can find it.The woman standing at the table did an amazing job of sharing your products and telling anyone who walked by everything she could about your company and your products. I think I creeped her out when I professed my love for her after my massage .I hope you're who I'm looking for and I sure hope I come across your amazing products again soon!!!

8/1/2016 from Kathy S.     Do you make your lotion without essential oils, it is one of the few lotions I can use and I love them but would love one for the summer that has no smell as I garden and it works better?

From: Nikki ATo: B CakesSent: Tuesday, June 21, 2016 10:17:47 AMSubject: Queen bee face lotion
HiI just wanted to write and let you know how much I love your facial cream. My husband bought me some from Rebecca's local food store in Charlottesville. I've been using it for about 6 months and really appreciate the product. I have sensitive skin and many products don't work for me, but I love this cream. This Spring and Summer I've come to fully appreciate the natural SPF from the cream. Just writing to express my satisfaction and gratitude for a wonderful product!

"Liz A"Sent: Monday, February 29, 2016 3:13:38 PMSubject: Request for Blog Interview
Hi BCakes Owners,
My name is Liz A and I'm the writer at ____, an organic ____company. Our flagship store is in Charlottesville.
We enjoy interviewing local business owners who promote the importance of a healthy and natural lifestyle. We believe your skincare products truly embody the benefits of natural ingredients. I personally use your French Country Honey Bee Butter and love it! We also admire your commitment to sustainability and natural gardening.
We would therefore like to feature you on our local blog! I'd be happy to interview you over Skype! If you can't Skype then we can figure out another option.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Liz A

I love your honeybee butter in Orient express. I usually special order it from Whole foods. I wanted to know if you do special orders/requests? I would love to order a larger jar. I normally order 3 jars at a time from whole foods. Also do you recycle the glass jars? I feel bad just throwing them away.
Thank you,

Barbara WTo: B CakesSent: Tuesday, June 2, 2015 9:22:54 AMSubject: Love your product!
Just a quick note to tell you that I bought your face cream at Whole Foods and I am SOLD! I love this product. My skin feels awesome.
Barb W - C-ville

Thanks for the "French Country" shampoo bar. I was amazed at how well it worked.
My hair is very fine and has always been hard to control during our dry winters. It seems to pick up a static charge and repel itself to nagging effect. I have tried many shampoos and conditioners over the years, including the expensive and infomercial brands, all with varying degrees of uncontrol. My only choice had been using greasy creams, sticky hair spray, or putting up with the "frizzies".
No more! It has been five days since I used it and my hair is still manageable with a nice sheen and body. Using it as a body wash also helped alleviate my dry skin. What a bonus!
Don J.
Age: 63
Midlothian, Va.

From: Phyllis B To: B_Cakes@comcast.netSent: Tuesday, December 23, 2014 8:38:54 PMSubject: Queen Bee Face cream - love it!
Dear Sharon,
I met you a few weeks ago doing a demo at Ellwood Thompson's. (I provide accounting services and gave my business card to you, Phyllis B).
I went back a couple of days later and bought the Queen Bee cream. I LOVE IT! I have tried for years to use something that didn't irritate my skin and make it red, that did not clog my pores and feel greasy, and that did not have a ton of chemicals. The only thing I found so far was pure shea butter, but it could be a bit heavy.
I have found I love the Queen Bee cream. It is perfect! It feels great, no irritation, no clogging, no unwanted chemicals or extra smells, and my skin feels moisturized and protected. Like it is holding the good stuff in. And even when I wash my face, it no longer feels dry, like the Queen Bee has made a difference in the fundamental moisture level in my skin, not just superficial. I feel like it has reduced the fine lines and and aging as well as the dryness.
Thank you, thank you!! I had my very particular mom try some (she is over 80 and has similar skin issues) and she asked me to go get a jar for her.
I am also going to pick up some lip balm (hopefully they have it!)
Just wanted to let you know what a totally wonderful product this is and I will tell my friends all about it. I wish you the best and am so happy I have found something that feels great and is really beneficial for my skin.

From: Patricia BTo: B CakesSent: Wednesday, November 26, 2014 8:34:17 AMSubject: your products
I purchased the face cream and your shampoo from you when you were promoting your products at Whole Foods in Short Pump. The products are great! Lately, I realized my Aveeno day cream with SPF was not moisturizing enough - maybe because of the colder weather. Your day cream is just what I needed. I have been using pure coconut oil on my face at night and your cream is a nice addition to my regime.
But the shampoo? It is my favorite! My hair feels so clean afterwards and I love the convenience of a bar shampoo.
Keep up the good work!

From: Jennifer S.To: "B Cakes" B_Cakes@comcast.netSent: Sunday, September 5, 2010 12:43:20 PMSubject: Love your Pine Tar Salve!
We met at Ellwood Thompson's a few weeks ago and at Whole Foods recently. I am the Black lady that tries to stay away from Evening Primrose Oil. your product has been on my mind and I went to Whole Foods to purchase it and there was none on the shelf so the lady went to the back to find some. In the meantime, I got distracted and left the store and went to Ellwood's and purchased some there. So far so good and I love the consistency of it and how moisturizing it is on my dry cracked eczema. I will stay in touch!
Jennifer S
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