Queen Bee Nourishing Night Cream
With Vitamin A to combat dry, sun-damaged skin.  Contains                           royal jelly.
2 oz.   $19.99
  Queen Bee Face Cream
  For dry, mature skin
& wrinkles.  Contains
Royal Jelly.
2 oz. $17.99

Royal Jelly  is a mystical powerhouse
of anti-aging nutrients.  It is the substance that transforms a worker bee  into a Queen, making her extraordinarily fertile.  She is the largest bee  in the hive, and lives several years vs a 1-4 month lifecycle of a worker  bee.
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    Honey Bee Lip Butter
Not a chapstick!  This is a moisturizing blend of ingredients that hydrate lips and keeps them supple.
Queen Bee Orange Blossom Facial Mist
with Royal Jelly.
.15 oz. Tube
 2oz.   $14.99